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Darcie and her husband Joseph from Agawam, MA heard about Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar through family and friends. The company had fixed the roof at her brother's home, and another friend had hired them for a window replacement project. That is why they decided to call the company to help them with their roof, which was leaking around the dormers in the back. After inspecting the house, Adam presented them with different shingle types and explained their warranties, helping them choose the best option for their home. They also helped them decide which way to go in terms of financing the job. The cleanup was most impressive, according to Darcie. From using a magnet to pick up nails and metal debris to thoroughly sweeping the yard and bushes -- they left the yard, flowers and hedges virtually undisturbed.
Darcie & Joseph C. of Agawan, MA
After a heavy snow storm, and after seeing his neighbors repairing their roofs, Joseph S. began to have concerns about the integrity of his home's roof -- even though he hadn't noticed any damage. That is when he decided to call Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar for a free inspection and upon thorough examination of the roof, the technicians did in fact find some hail damage. Joseph then called his insurance company and a representative from Adam Quenneville accompanied the insurance inspection which also concluded that the roof needed to be repaired. A representative from the roofing company worked with the insurance company so that the entire roof was replaced, and Joseph paid only the deductible. The whole process was hassle free and Joseph didn't have to worry or work to get things done. The job was performed to his satisfaction and the thorough cleanup left him very satisfied .
Joseph S. of Springfield, MA
After having the entire roof of her home replaced by Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar in just one day, Sue T. is one very happy customer. "It was amazing to watch!" After they left Sue expected to find at least some leftover debris in her yard. "Well I looked around my whole house and could find not one nail, not one piece of shingle. The cleanup was perfect!" Sue would recommend the company to a friend or anyone in the area.
Sue T. of Springfield, MA
Paul C., from Holyoke had seen Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar perform some work for his neighbors and was impressed with the way they protected the house and yard from damage while they worked, and how the house looked after they finished. That is why he decided to call them to install new siding. After taking measures to protect the bushes and the yard, in only 3 days, they completely removed the old siding and installed the new one, picking up after themselves afterwards, so that everything was left clean and neat. "They ran around with a magnet to pick up nails and leftover metal debris," says Paul. Paul is so impressed with the work; he's been recommending Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows to all his neighbors, family and friends!
Paul C. of Holyoke, MA
  Amy R. from Northampton, MA is a business owner whose place of business was in dire need of a new roof, but the job had to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep disruption to a minimum during their work hours. She needed the job to be completed in one day, and Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar was able to deliver. The cleanliness was also an important aspect of the job for Amy, and Adam's crew kept the place clean and neat. "In fact it was as if they never were at our business," says Amy "Our image and reputation is everything for us and Adam delivered on that, as well." Amy would highly recommend Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows to any business or home in need of a new roof.
Amy R. of Northampton, MA
Dear Sirs, It has been an absolute pleasure working with your company. Dave, our sales man, asked us questions no one else had considered. During the project, Nick was the crew boss. All communications were handled professionally, efficiently, and courteously. Thank you very much for a job well done and a beautiful home! Lisamarie
Lisamarie D. of East Otis, MA
My wife and I would like to thank you for a job well done. We are very happy the way the house turned out. Your crew was very helpful and pleasant to work with. We will definitely promote Quenneville Roofing and Siding to our family and friends. Kep up the good work and again, thank you very much.   Sincerly, Rob and Virginia
Rob & Virginia S. of Southwick , MA
Dear Friends at Adam Quenneville, This letter is to express to you our great pleasure with the replacement roofing project your employee Nick performed for us this week. When my husband and I returned home from "a hard day at work", there was our new roof- complete and simply beautiful! Like magic- all the old roofing gone and the yard near the house, raked and clean! Thank you, Nick! The color match of new shingles to "old slate" is perfect. The light grey on the new roof is just ine with the grean house/white trim. The new shingles almost have a slate-like appearance. Considering that the orginal structure of this "old house", dates to approximately to 1790s, I wouild say Nick accomplished quite an amazing match. Larry and I are both on social secutiry and have to continue to work part-time to enabled us to stay in and maintain our home. Construction expenditures are always a big stress on our budget and us. Thank you for providing such quality workmanship and special care while working on our property. Best wishes to all at Adam Quenneville and especially Nick.
Larry C. of Chester, MA
Dear Jody, First of all David and I would like to thank you for giving us a wonderful first impression. Secondly, I haven't stopped talking about how wonderful the guys were who worked on our roof. This is by far the best home improvement experiance Dave nad I have had. I have already recommeded Adam Quenneville to my co-workers at my school where I work. Thank you, Susan & David B
Susan & David B. of Westfield, MA
Hi Adam, Had to drop you these few lines to tell you how great your young men are that put on our new roof. I have never met a more accommodating group of young guys. I had a lot of questions and I always received an answer. Jake, Jay, Dan, Ryan and of course Nick Peters, were always there with an answer. When I came home at night the yard war cleaned. Couldn't tell anyone had been there. I didn't get the names of the rest of the guys but we really appreciated the excellent work they put into our roof. Lord knows it needed it. We love it and now I don't have to worry about anymore rain coming into the hosue. Thank you. You know we will recommend your company.  Have a great summer! Nancy B
Nancy B. of Westfield, MA
Management, A little over a year ago I had a couple of quotes to have our roof re-shingled by a couple of your competitors. Shortly after that, I had heard from some folks who had used these companies', comment that the workmanship was less than desired and some of the comments also included incidents of leaks. So at that time I was not sure who else I should contact concerning the job. And during this time I also had to take care of a project related to my business that took me out of state for a ten month period of time. This period of time also included a winter season which made things difficult knowing that our house may suffer damage from our New England snow fall, with the customary ice build up on the roof, which we would not be able to tend to being out of state at the time. So when we returned it was important to us that we find a quality roofing company to that we would not have to worry about in the event that we would have to travel again. Well we chose AQRS and during the salesman's presentation we quickly realized we made the right choice. He recognized our concerns for ice and water damage and we all agreed to opt in for the premium barrier or underlayment/ ice & water protection package. When the crew arrived to start the roof we were told that the job would be done in two days or less and I was immediately concerned that the quality would be sacrificed for speed. But as I watched the crew go about their business and how they worked as a coordinated team, my concerns quickly subsided. By the end of the first day I really doubted that the job could be finished the following day and in fact it would seem impossible from our point of view. The next day I watched carefully to see for myself, as to what steps were taken to mitigate water intrusion and especially over the family room of our house, because we have had trouble in the past with ice dam's. Now I am not a roofer but I have an extensive background in quality control and project management in the field of aviation, more specifically the VIP Private or Corporate aviation field. So in short I have a technical background. As I watched your crew during each step I immediately knew that I had chosen the right company for the job and I also was put at ease with any concerns of future water damage. This feeling or confidence is found not only in the overall quality of our new roofing, but more importantly, in what steps were taken to prevent ice and water damage....and it is worth so much more than what we spent for the new roof. The price or value of not having to worry about the possibility of damage while we are away is indeed priceless to us. But that's not all. I mentioned that I am a project manager on a VIP aircraft. The people who employ my services want to make sure that the people that are working on their multimillion dollar aircraft are qualified and hard working people. So with that being said, one of my many different duties that I perform is to analyze the workers or technicians that are working on a project and determine the level of efficiency and risk that they bring to the project. This may sound a little harsh but many times in the world of business we find companies who have very charismatic salesmen, fancy brochures, beautiful new equipment and a very long and impressive list of company core values. But the quickest way to establish if all the previously mentioned attributes is nothing but marketing hype, is to analyze the company's workers. If the workers share the same core values, are hard working and work as a team, then the outcome of the project will most likely turn out as originally planned or expected. Well I am very pleased to report that the AQRS crew that did our roof was incredible. They worked as a team and just sped throughout the job. They never sacrificed quality to obtain speed...they just consistently worked hard and functioned totally in concert with each other as a very impressive team. The lead on the job was relentless in achieving his stated milestones and at one point I asked them to just call it quits for the day and get some rest. But he had a milestone to meet and refused to go home until the milestone was met. And he was not alone. His team was right by his side and just kept working until the objective was met. But they were also very courteous and displayed the AQRS core values as a very natural attribute. And that is a very important observation when considering the overall value of a company. In other words....do the workers just do something because they are told to do something...or do they indeed share the values of the company and do what they do because they believe that it is the right thing to do? Well with all of this being said, I would not hesitate at all in recommending AQRS to any potential customer. The company is a high quality company with quality eqipment and above all, their employee's are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and very hard working experts in their field. The quality of the materials along with the expert workers produces fantasic results that will obviously, withouth questions, last for many, many years. So we thank you very much for the quality of our new roof and the terrific job that you have done for us. And my only recommendation that I could share at this time is that I would encourage AQRS to openly reward your employees for thier dedication and hard work. They are truly your greatest assets and with out them AQRS would just be another roofing company...instead of a truly great roofing company.  This in our eyes is especially true in the case of the team that did our roof. They truly deserve some sort of reward for their outstanding effort and dedication to AQRS.   Again....many thanks for the great job! Best Regards, Dave W    
David & Carleen W. of Westfield, MA
Dear Adam Quenneville Roofing, Thank you for an excellent roof for our home. It was like elves came while we were at work, we came home, and it was completed.  Doing business with you has been strictly a pleasure. We will refer you to all we know because of your quality, prefessionalism, and price. We are very pleased. Sincerely, Tom and Jayce T
Tom & Jayce T. of Feeding Hills, MA
Dear Adam,  It was a rough start but we came threw it. I must say this was an experiance. The crew who did the job were excellent, with Paul at the front. Tammy was very helpful-so Adam, I recommend you bring her coffee. 
Alma M. of Feeding Hills, MA
From the first call when the phone was answered, everyone did a great job. This was an expensive project and from the first contact to the last, your company made me feel like the money was well spent. The roof looks great. Thanks for a job very well done. I will happily recommend you to anyone needing a new roof.
Gary F. of Feeding Hills, MA
Adam Quenneville installed my roof years ago. Great company and great people! Thanks!
Edward D. of Longmeadow, MA
Dear Mr. Adam Quenneville, I just wanted to take the time to tell you that my wife and I own a company, and know how important quality and customer service is. We are very impressed with your company. From you salesman (Jody Sicaro), to the job foreman (Steve Michon), and the whole crew. They have shown excellent customer service and follow-thru. A quality job. Many thanks. Sincerly, Michael & Traci Connors
Michael & Traci C. of Longmeadow, MA
I was referred by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the team had a fast response and was knowledgable.
Amy H. of Longmeadow, MA
Enclosed are copies of 2 photos taken in 1986 or ’87, when we had our 1st Quenneville’s Roofing done. In the top photo are your Dad and Uncle and our son, Adam. In the bottom photo are our son Adam and you. I remember how nice your Dad and Uncle were to our son, Adam, and how nice you were to play with Adam. We had our 2nd roof done by Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding in August 2011. Actually, it was August 1st, the day of the tornado! If we were to get a 3rd roof done, we would use Adam Quenneville Roofing for sure! We recommend you to everyone we know. You may wonder why I am writing you now? I came upon your letter & postcard from 8/26/11 in some papers I was going through. I also found the copied photos. I completed the postcard and enclosed it. I hope you enjoy the photos. Our 31 year old son, Adam fondly remembers this time with you and your family. Best Wishes.
Michele B. of Springfield, MA
You have done our house roof two times and now. We are completely satisfied!
Linda C. of Springfield, MA
My wife and I would like to thank you for a job well done. We are very happy the way the house turned out. Your crew was very helpful and pleasant to work with. We will definitely promote AQRS to our family and friends. Keep up the good work and again, thank you very much. Rob and Virginia S
Rob & Virginia S. of Springfield, MA
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