Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roof Repair & Maintenance in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Extend the life of your roof & improve the look of your home

Common Types of Roof Damage:

  • Roof leaks
  • Missing/cracked/curling shingles
  • Dark spots on the roof
  • Blistering of paint on interior & exterior
  • Wind & hail damage

See more common roof problems.

Roof repair and roof maintenance go hand in hand, as good maintenance will limit the scope of repair jobs. Minor tasks such as sealing leaks and replacing damaged shingles will preserve the life of your roof and maintain its quality. Additionally, it's often possible to put off the major expense of total roof replacement by making small spot repairs as necessary.

Whether you need roof repairs or a full roof replacement, we are the local roofers you can trust. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding serves the Western MA and Hartford County, CT area, providing roof replacements and repairs done by a certified, experienced team of roofers.

If you are experiencing problems with your roof, a thorough inspection, along with our roofing services, will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is prepared to withstand any type of weather.

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Recent Testimonials
  • "Your crew was very helpful and pleasant to work with." Read Full Testimonial

    Rob & Virginia S. of Southwick , MA

    Customer Testimonial

              My wife and I would like to thank you for a job well done. We are very happy the way the house turned out. Your crew was very helpful and pleasant to work with. We will definitely promote Quenneville Roofing and Siding to our family and friends. Kep up the good work and again, thank you very much. Sincerly, Rob and Virginia
    Rob & Virginia S.
    Southwick , MA
  • "When my husband and I returned home from "a hard day at work", there was our new roof- complete and simply..." Read Full Testimonial

    Larry C. of Chester, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Friends at Adam Quenneville, This letter is to express to you our great pleasure with the replacement roofing project your employee Nick performed for us this week. When my husband and I returned home from "a hard day at work", there was our new roof- complete and simply beautiful! Like magic- all the old roofing gone and the yard near the house, raked and clean! Thank you, Nick! The color match of new shingles to "old slate" is perfect. The light grey on the new roof is just ine with the grean house/white trim. The new shingles almost have a slate-like appearance. Considering that the orginal structure of this "old house", dates to approximately to 1790s, I wouild say Nick accomplished quite an amazing match. Larry and I are both on social secutiry and have to continue to work part-time to enabled us to stay in and maintain our home. Construction expenditures are always a big stress on our budget and us. Thank you for providing such quality workmanship and special care while working on our property. Best wishes to all at Adam Quenneville and especially Nick.
    Larry C.
    Chester, MA
  • "I have already recommeded Adam Quenneville to my co-workers at my school where I work." Read Full Testimonial

    Susan & David B. of Westfield, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Jody, First of all David and I would like to thank you for giving us a wonderful first impression. Secondly, I haven't stopped talking about how wonderful the guys were who worked on our roof. This is by far the best home improvement experiance Dave nad I have had. I have already recommeded Adam Quenneville to my co-workers at my school where I work. Thank you, Susan & David B
    Susan & David B.
    Westfield, MA
  • "Great company and great people!" Read Full Testimonial

    Edward D. of Longmeadow, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Adam Quenneville installed my roof years ago. Great company and great people! Thanks!
    Edward D.
    Longmeadow, MA
  • "....excellent customer service and follow-thru." Read Full Testimonial

    Michael & Traci C. of Longmeadow, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr. Adam Quenneville, I just wanted to take the time to tell you that my wife and I own a company, and know how important quality and customer service is. We are very impressed with your company. From you salesman (Jody Sicaro), to the job foreman (Steve Michon), and the whole crew. They have shown excellent customer service and follow-thru. A quality job. Many thanks. Sincerly, Michael & Traci Connors
    Michael & Traci C.
    Longmeadow, MA
  • "I was referred by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the team had a fast response and was knowledgable." Read Full Testimonial

    Amy H. of Longmeadow, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              I was referred by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the team had a fast response and was knowledgable.
    Amy H.
    Longmeadow, MA
  • "After a heavy snow storm, and after seeing his neighbors repairing their roofs, Joseph S. began to have..." Read Full Testimonial

    Joseph S. of Springfield, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              After a heavy snow storm, and after seeing his neighbors repairing their roofs, Joseph S. began to have concerns about the integrity of his home's roof -- even though he hadn't noticed any damage. That is when he decided to call Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding, Windows & Solar for a free inspection and upon thorough examination of the roof, the technicians did in fact find some hail damage. Joseph then called his insurance company and a representative from Adam Quenneville accompanied the insurance inspection which also concluded that the roof needed to be repaired. A representative from the roofing company worked with the insurance company so that the entire roof was replaced, and Joseph paid only the deductible. The whole process was hassle free and Joseph didn't have to worry or work to get things done. The job was performed to his satisfaction and the thorough cleanup left him very satisfied .
    Joseph S.
    Springfield, MA
  • "We are completely satisfied!" Read Full Testimonial

    Linda C. of Springfield, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              You have done our house roof two times and now. We are completely satisfied!
    Linda C.
    Springfield, MA
  • "The crew that put on the roof was great" Read Full Testimonial

    Jean D. of Chicopee, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              The crew that put on the roof was great. On time! Worked right throughout and finished in one day. The installer of the soffit vents was more casual. His work was fine!
    Jean D.
    Chicopee, MA
  • "Quality work!" Read Full Testimonial

    Greg C. of Chicopee, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Quality work! Kelly from the office was wonderful to work with- contant communication, good attitude, and east to work with. Thank you, Greg
    Greg C.
    Chicopee, MA
  • "This is to say "thanks" for two jobs well done: a big one and a little one." Read Full Testimonial

    Sam M. of South Hadley, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr. Quenneville, This is to say "thanks" for two jobs well done: a big one and a little one. Funny thing is, it's the little job that got me to write this letter. First thought, the big job. Because of some ice damage near the end of December, our roof stated leaking. Since we were planning to have a new roof put on in the summertime anyway, we had AQR do the job right then and there. Roofing conditions were tough: single-digit temperatures and plenty of snow and ice. Plus on top of that, we had to be out of town. Our roof was literally in your hands. With all that, your office team and roofing crew managed the whole thing smoothly. And we came home to a beautiful-looking roof. Now about that little job. Several weeks ago, the morning after a real downpour, we woke up to find that water had leaked in through the bather fan- there was some water on the floor and some minor damage to the ceiling. In all honesty, I was disappointed. But I took a deep breath and remembered that I had been told to call with any problems whatsoever. ANd so I did. That same morning, Nick Peters was up on our roof, in the rain, taking care of the problem. Next big rain storm- our bathroom was dry as could be. "Water-tight", as promised by AQR guarantee. That little job really meant a lot to us; it showed that Adam Quenneville Roofing cares enough about their work to make sure it's done right, whatever it takes. That kind of integrity says a whole lot about the quality of people working for you and the quality of business you run. That's something you can't put a price tag on. By the way, we recetly received a note from AQR, asking us to refer your company to friends, family, and colleagues. Rest assured that we certainly will. I wish you all the best in this, your busy time of year. And thanks so much, once again, for "two jobs", well done. Sam Martin
    Sam M.
    South Hadley, MA
  • "I can only say that your employees; Nick and his crew, did a wonderful, contentious, job with superior..." Read Full Testimonial

    Lenora B. of Wilbraham, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr Quenneville, We have battled a leaking roof, chasing two illusive roofers, filed with attorneys and fought with insurance adjusters over our roof issus. Five long years of continuous problems regarding our roof. I can only say that your employees; Nick and his crew, did a wonderful, contentious, job with superior customer service. One of the issues your company faced in dealing with our roof was unlevel soffits that we had added by a previous roofer. Taking specual care, your workers strapped and leveled out these soffits to correct a visually horrible mess. Those soffits are now as close to perfect as we could ask for. Most importantly, our roof is not leaking. We have had a few heavy rainstorms and so far, so good. Thank you again for having great employees and quality workmanship. Lenora and Laurence B
    Lenora B.
    Wilbraham, MA
  • "This is what I'm talking about giong beyoooooond the job." Read Full Testimonial

    Lynn W. of Brimfield, MA

    Customer Testimonial

              To Adam Quenneville, I wanted to let you know we have enjoyed working with your company. Derek who told us about the product, a metal roof. Jeremy who has coordinated and spoke to us after the sale. Jeremy owes me a hat (free advertisement). I know he is so busy he forgot. ANd no I didn't call and remind him. But for advertisement I will leave your sign up until spring. For the roofing crew. They are Rays crew. I've gotten to ask dozens of questions, and yes they answered dozens of questions. Of all the crew. Ray NEVER gave me the impression I was interrupting.. Lou has a great smile and is just as happy sweeping or raking. No matter what job Lou was given he knew it was part of the job. Jay has gone out of his way to be of help to me. Just today he took pictures of the roof "piping steals" so I could share with nonlocal family Jay got a GREAT picture from the roof of the horses. This is what I'm talking about giong beyoooooond the job. Ronald was also very polite but not here every day. It's great to have a worker who can go where needed. I really hope you, Mr. Adam Quenneville, get to read this letter. Sincerely, Lynn Whitten
    Lynn W.
    Brimfield, MA

When an emergency happens, we're here to help

Even excellent maintenance work can't prevent roof damage that occurs because of severe weather and freak accidents. Emergency roof repairs are often necessary when a building is exposed to high winds and impacts from falling trees.

Of course, some emergency roof repairs, including roof leak repair, can be avoided by preventative work such as roof snow removal to prevent ice damming and roof collapse due to snow loading. When emergency roof repairs are necessary, call Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding for a fast, effective solution.

Benefits of regular roof maintenance

The type of roofing material creates different challenges for roof repair work. For example, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, concrete tiles, and clay tiles often have damage to individual shingles or tiles, meaning those pieces need replacement. Metal roofing generally comes in much larger panels, so those are only replaced when spot repairs aren't effective. Finally, flat roof repair is an entirely different process due to the rolled material and liquid waterproofing compounds.

Maintaining your roof will help prevent major repairs in the future.

Lifting shingles. Shingle lifting is a typical roof problem that should be repaired to prevent roof leaks and water damage.

No matter what type of roof you have, regular maintenance is very beneficial. There are several key reasons to perform consistent maintenance:

  • Prevent leaks, drafts, and other exterior problems
  • Stay aware of potential issues and fix them before they become major
  • Prevent expensive repairs in the future
  • Maintain appearance

By performing regular maintenance, you can keep your roof in good condition and prolong its lifespan, saving you the hassle and expense of full roof replacement.

Get expert roof repair & maintenance with Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding

Whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding provides quality roofing solutions at a fair price. Our roofing services are designed to restore the overall structural integrity of your roof. Call us at 1-866-443-6016 or contact us online for a free estimate for roofing repairs throughout Westfield, Enfield, Simsbury, Tolland, South Windsor and nearby.


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